What if you could confidently 
accelerate your business 
regardless of your field?
What if you had a waiting list of clients all lined up to work with you? 
What if you could build your business to 6 figures + annual revenue, 
having $10K, $20K, and even $50K months with ease?
What if you could set up your business to be the next WalMart, Johnson & Johnson, or Hilton Brand by building it into a legacy?
Here's a Secret...
Now You Can!
The Entrepreneur Incubator for Service-Based Entrepreneurs to increase visibility, grow sales, and effectively design their business for success!
Does This Sound Familiar?
Are you...
  • Frustrated with the lack of consistent clients flowing into your business?
  • Overwhelmed by all of the systems, funnels, theories, and methods that seem to work for everyone else, but not you?
  • Annoyed with the number of sales calls you’ve had with folks who weren’t a good fit for your offering (or your pricing)?
  • Tired of having a business that only makes money when you’re 1:1 with clients and desire the ability to provide your service AND make money while you sleep?
  • Excited at the thought of building your business while spending very little each month in traditional advertising?
If you answered yes to some or all of these, then you’re in the right place. But it doesn’t have to be like this. 
There are two things you need to succeed in business: faith in yourself and a strategy that actually works. You’ve got the faith...time to get the strategy!
The truth is…your business is likely becoming a money-pit with very little return on your investments.
Imagine if you could . . .
  • Continuously grow your exposure so your perfect-fit clients can find you
  • Dramatically accelerate your sales
  • Attract consistent clients for consistent revenue
  • Easily build a stable, profitable, and scalable business that becomes your legacy
  • Effortlessly generate passive income to compliment your serviced-base offerings so you can make money while you’re out to brunch or picking the kids up from school
All of the things that Amber taught us were really easy to implement into our businesses and I learned so much in my company, grew so much and I just really feel like it's a great investment.
Kara Allan
Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist
Implementing the methodologies, I teach in The Make Your Worth Mastermind changed my life! This is the same system I used to go from living in my parent’s basement in Ohio to building multiple 7-figure a year businesses. 

The same system that I've used with my clients to gain corporate clients with ease, establish international offices, and build their businesses for long-term growth...all while living the life of their DREAMS!
So, if being an Entrepreneur is so great, why isn’t EVERYONE making six and seven figures while doing it?
The short answer is: they’re using the wrong biz models, listening to the wrong people, and aren’t utilizing effective strategies to make their business work for them... instead of the other way around. To be direct... they didn’t have the methods taught in this Mastermind.
You see, I’ve taken my 10 years of Executive experience, paired it with my extensive success as an Entrepreneur and mixed in my award-winning teaching methods to create the perfect 3-Tier Annual Mastermind! 
Designed for new Entrepreneurs making less than $50k/year in their businesses who are looking for solid guidance (no fluff) to help them grow and establish their business to have a consistent flow of income.
Designed for Entrepreneurs who’ve made more than $50K/year, but less than $200K/year and are ready to build in acceleration, systems, and all the juicy things that make businesses soar into steady six-figure success.
While working with Amber, I was able to clearly define my services because at first, I was a little confused as to how to present my offerings and present my value and after speaking with her and working with her, I was able to clearly define my services and figure out my target market so that I could reach the people who I was meant to serve with the value that I had to offer.
LaTisha Styles
Business Coach & Finance Expert
Here's what's included in the MYWM
1-year Membership to the Make Your Worth System 
(over 24 hours of training) 
Designed to help you grow and scale your business and here’s the gag: you’ll get access to all modules in your tier ALL. AT. ONCE. #TeamNoDripRelease This is exclusive content not found anywhere else.
Private Community
An invitation to join our Private Make Your Worth FB community of fellow Entrepreneurs ready to accelerate their businesses just like you.
Co-Working  One Hour Live 
(twice a week)
A 2-hour block of time where members can log in to a Zoom Room for full-blown work session and accountability! No chit -chat, just a time to be held accountable to your dedication to getting ish done for your biz
Monthly CEO Talk
We invite a different CEO into the community each month to share their journeys and answer your questions.
Office Hour Q&A
Hop on an open call once a month with our Founder, Amber Aziza, to get your questions answered
Members-Only Rates
Members receive free access to Masterclasses and 10-15% discount on events, products, services, and more!
Peer Support and Accountability
One of the biggest reasons women give up on their biz-dreams is lack of support. It’s hard to build an empire when you’re building it alone. Well you’re not alone anymore, sis! We’re your biz besties all rooting for you to succeed! With dedicated Support and Accountability Specialists on staff, we are designed to give you the emotional support and tough love you need.
Mastermind Level-Up
Ready to move from the MYWM tier you started to the next tier? Well, level-up boo! This Mastermind is designed to help you in all stages of business and includes penalty-free level ups! Move from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur, to CEO all in one Program!
MYWM Book Club
 Every great Entrepreneur will tell you the key to their success is reading (or listening) to key biz books. Well, we'll take it a step further. Every month, we will cover 1-2 books and dig deep into their meanings and how to implement them into your biz.
A glimpse into Make Your Worth System
Specify your goals. Create actionable steps towards your goals. 
Experience an absolute Mindset Shift.
Biz Development
Review current your offerings. Determine logistics and processes and flow. Add and remove services to assist in your biz growth. Fully develop your offerings. Design a biz map of how to reach your biz goals. 
Establish what’s needed for you to move to the next level.
Client Services
Tailor your client segmentation to your business model. Learn the who, what, when, where, and why of your fan base. Learn how to turn fans into paying clients. Understand who you’re serving and how to position yourself to gain the clients you want. 
Value Proposition
Determine what value your services provide clients. Identify what needs/problems are being satisfied by what you offer and how to position your brand to accelerate your sales. Learn can you tap into new markets you normally wouldn't look to serve.
System and Processes
Identify/create systems and processes for all new and existing services. Establish a process for: Scheduling, Client on-boarding, Client exiting plan, Staffing, Marketing, Partnerships, and more.  Develop Evergreen Offerings to make money while you sleep. 
Cost Structure / Price Point Clarity
Determine your financial goals. Gain Pricing Clarity. Determine your business' market value. Identify client pay value. Determine biz/ops costs for your biz. Create a pricing plan for each service that's scalable for the growth of your business.
Identify client “hang-outs”. Determine marketing options. Create a fool-proof marketing strategy that matches any budget. Build key strategies like Social Media Strategy, Public Speaking, e-mail automation, and list-building.
Branding - establish your logo and color scheme, but most important, establish your brand anthem the world will identify you by. Company values, mission, and voice. Learn how to gain Media and Exposure for your brand.
Perfect your sales conversations. Create perfect sales pitch. Learn how to convert rejections into sales. Sell from anywhere.
Personal Development
Create a personal development plan. Overcome mental blocks stopping you from growth. Establish boundaries in your life so your biz can thrive.
Learn to make projections for future growth. Manage the money-side of your biz with forecasting. Create a prescription for future growth to be obtained.
Scaling and Acceleration
Discover my formula for Scaling your business into 7 figures. 
Accelerate Sales at any level with ease
Not sure if this is right for you? 
Reach out to me at hi@aaecorporation.com
I’ve built and sold 2 Multi-million dollar businesses and now, I’ve made it my life's work to help amazing and talented Entrepreneurs build their businesses into 6, 7, and 8-figure success! As a Business Coach and strategist, I’ve coached hundreds of Entrepreneurs into major biz victories. I help my clients all around the world through the entire process of biz ownership­ from the spark of an idea all the way to their first multi-million dollar year! 
As a businesswoman, I currently own several successful businesses and operate them from global offices in countries around the world as a digital nomad with a team of 60+ employees. The success and freedom I experience every day is a result of the methodology I teach in Make Your Worth Mastermind. I cannot wait to help you taste the same freedom in your biz!
This is for you if:
  • You have an incorporated business (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, B-Corp, etc.).
  • You’re a self-starter who doesn’t lean on excuses.
  • You work well in a group environment that indulges collaboration with others.
  • You’re ready to do the work necessary to achieve your goals. This includes completing the modules and participating in group discussions.
  • You’re open to a FULL BREAKDOWN OF YOUR BIZ, including your mindset.
  • You’re ready to stop being a baller on a budget and start having a consistent flow of increased income.
  • You get that this isn’t “fast-food” style training (push a button. Instant success!) You’ll need 5+ hours per week to dedicate towards accelerating your business.
  • You've made less than $1M a year in your business.
I definitely think that working with Amber was one of the best decisions that I've made and it has definitely helped me to make back my investment over and over and over again. The wealth of knowledge that I've gotten from Amber Aziza and some of the other guests facilitators has definitely proved to be more valuable than anything that I've invested in this program.
Jalesa Ann Harrison
CEO of mymoneymogul.com
This isn't for you if:
  • You think Entrepreneurship is “easy”
  • You don’t have your business incorporated (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, B-Corp, etc.)
  • You enjoy having to break your back just to acquire 1 client
  • You’re generating more than $1M a year in revenue
  • You don’t have 5-10 hours per week to dedicate towards accelerating your business
  • You can’t afford it at this time...I can’t let you put your finances at risk to join this Mastermind. Take some time. Get a bridge-job, Uber, sell some purses, and sign-up when the time is right!
We were exposed to not just Amber Aziza, but to top notch experts in various areas of business that really every entrepreneur should have as a tool and resources as they're going through the process of growing their business. I was able to move off of my nine to five job and go into full time entrepreneurship.
Elise Buckner
Amber’s guidance ultimately resulted in me acquiring multiple 5-figure speaking engagements, landing my first major corporate client and increasing my success as a coach. To be the best, you’ve first got to learn from the best. Amber is just that.
Avis A. Jones-DeWeever, Ph.D.
Accountability Strategist
Jamal Vallair
Evelyne Billingslea
The accountability and support is invaluable and waaay more than the investment you've made here. GUARANTEED! "If you're trying to get your business life together and you're stuck, Power Hours will get your life and your soul and spirit all the way together."
Tracy Washington
Tonight's session was EPIC! The session made me realize a few things that pricked my soul but yet reminded me to get my act together... Like, "The brain isn't created to make you comfortable, it's created to make you safe!"
Maleeka Holloway
How to Choose Your Correct Tier
  • You're generating less than $75k/year profit in your biz
  • You're struggling to hit your first $10K month
  • You're ready to turn your fans into clients
  • You feel you know what to do but are unsure of where to begin
  • You're tired of living client payment to client payment
  • You're ready to grow beyond wishing and hoping for success
  • You're working on your own or with 1 VA
  • You understand that your business is worth the investment 
  • You're ready to stop running in circles and start making your worth!
#WorthMaker Plus
  • Your biz is making more than $75k/year but less than $200k/year
  • You're ready to have systems needed to make money with ease
  • You can book clients but getting them to grow with your offerings (aka becoming lifetime clients) is tough
  • You feel you've plateaued and don't know how to get past your obstacles and into multiple six-figure years
  • You're ready to grow your team but are unsure of how to make it happen without breaking your bank
  • You consider yourself a full-time (or full-time-ish) Entrepreneur, but you're desperate for some automation and scaling
  • You're ready for the next phase of your business and start making your worth!
Limited Time Offer
Free 7-Day #WorthMaker Tier Trial
Is your biz making more than $200k/year but you're ready for your first 7-figures? Ready to build a biz legacy? Then you're a #WorthMaker CEO!
#WorthMaker Tier 7-day trials will not be charged until day 8 of the subscription. Cancellations will be honored with proof of completion of the “Start Here” module and homework emailed to hi@aaecorporation.com by midnight of day 7 of the subscription. All cancellation requests after day 7 will not be honored and you will be subscribed to Make Your Worth Mastermind for 1 year with monthly recurring charges beginning day 8.
Not sure if this is right for you? Reach out to me at hi@aaecorporation.com
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, running a biz takes work…a lot of it. And running a successful biz takes 10x more work. If that’s not appealing to you and you’re not willing to do it, then Entrepreneurship isn’t your thing. #Realtalk
No. Although I am very confident that your Business will be completely transformed, legally, I cannot guarantee results. Remember, though the Make Your Worth Mastermind provides amazing resources, instructions, and time with experts, we can't do your work for you. You´re still the player, and it will always be up to you to take the field. In the end, you've still got to do the work!
Amber Aziza Enterprises, Inc. accepts payments via most major credit cards. If you decide to enroll in the Make Your Worth Mastermind using the payment plan, a deposit of 1 monthly payment will be charged to your chosen credit card immediately. Payments are due monthly
Please note that this is not a “pay-as-you-go” or “monthly program.” The fee for this Annual Mastermind Program is the full amount of the chosen package, with a flexible payment option/installment plan.
Because we do not drip release the content, you’ll get access to all training in your level immediately. To prevent cases of fraud and intellectual property theft, we do not provide refunds, nor do we allow stop-payments. This is why it’s important to make sure this Mastermind is right for you before signing up.
The training will take about 3-5 hours a week to complete, but upon completion, a new element of your business will be enhanced.
No, this Mastermind works well for any service-based business. From an online health coach to a hair salon. I’ve tailored the program to allow you to transform your service-based business into a cash-cow that makes you money while you sleep.
Yep! Participation is vital to your success in Make Your Worth Mastermind. Join in the conversations, the collaborations, and the growth that happens within our private-Facebook group.
As long as your biz is registered, and you have a biz license, then you’re welcome to join. See above for which level best suits you.
Your membership is good for one full year. After that, you’ll need to renew it.
We are happy to answer any questions you may have.